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Anchor windlass gypsy wheel

An anchor windlass gypsy wheel is a drum with deep grooves that engage the chain links. It is divided into type A and type B according to the number of teeth: type A is a five-tooth chain wheel, and type B is a six-tooth chain wheel. The anchor windlass gypsy wheel is the main part of the anchor-handling machinery, and its manufacturing quality directly affects the efficiency of anchor-handling and anchor-dropping and is crucial to ensuring the safe navigation of the ship. At the same time, the anchor chain wheel also has to bear the torque, traction, and impact from all directions, so the internal quality requirements are very strict.


Weight5-55 tons

MaterialCast steel

ApplicationShipbuilding industry

CustomizableYes, according to customer's drawings

Our Advantages

anchor windlass gypsy wheel manufacture

 1. The technical team of CHAENG tailors casting solutions according to the requirements of customers, ensuring that the anchor windlass gypsy wheel has no defects such as sticky sand, cracks, shrinkage cavities, and slag inclusions. 

 2. In view of the structural characteristics and quality requirements of this type of casting, CHAENG adopts corresponding casting processes to ensure the dimensional accuracy of the anchor windlass gypsy wheel.

 3. The anchor windlass gypsy wheel is a structural part, during production CHAENG ensures that the wall thickness of the steel casting is uniform, and makes sure the liquid will not be hindered when it shrinks.

 4. CHAENG will carry out special treatment according to the requirements of users, which can not only ensure the quality of products but also ensure the delivery date.

Production Process

  • Simulation & analysis

    Simulation & analysis

  • Wood pattern

    Wood pattern

  • Sand mould

    Sand mould

  • Smelting


  • Molten steel test

    Molten steel test

  • Pouring


  • Sand cleaning

    Sand cleaning

  • Heat treatment

    Heat treatment

  • Finishing


  • Machining


  • Non-destructive testing

    Non-destructive testing

  • Packaging & delivery

    Packaging & delivery

Customer cases

During the first communication, the customer came to us for a simple understanding. The second time the customer visited our factory and finally decided to cooperate with us. The first order purchased 10 anchor windlass gypsy wheels, the second order purchased 4 stern posts, and then ordered other ship parts such as upper rudder bearing and lower rudder bearing.

ship anchor windlass chain wheel casting factory CHAENG

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