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What we have

Qualifications and Honors

To be better ,in order to strive for perfection in every aspect, to make every casting perfect, to win every customer’s trust .

Advanced equipment

Not allowed any defective goods leave factory, we do what we say.

Large scale casting equipment

3 sets of basic electric arc furnace, two 30 tons, one 75 tons, smelting steel with once 200T;7M *12M and 5M*7M 2sets natural gas heat treatment furnace;22 sets of hoisting equipment, Max. lifting capacity is 150 tons; Maximum elevating capacity is 150 tons;The company is equipped with facilities : gas stations, oxygen station, carbon dioxide station, air compression station etc;Adapted the sodium silicate sand molding process;Adapted the CAE casting simulation software, shorten the trial-produce period, improve the quality of products.

The company is equipped with complete sets of testing device for Non-destructive test.

Own the GS-1000 vacuum direct reading spectrometer, carbon-sulfur analytical instrument, microcomputer three-speed analytical instrument;Mechanical properties testing machine; Low temperature impact testing machine;UT, MT inspection equipment etc.