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The tiller is an arm-shaped member mounted on the top of the rudder to turn the rudder. The tiller is a straight handle that fits on the head of the rudder stock. Ancient sailing ships turned the rudder by turning the tiller by hand, while modern ships use the steering gear to turn the tiller.

The steel tiller is fixed to the head of the upper rudder with a key, and the tiller and rudder are turned by manual, mechanical, hydraulic, and other transmission methods. Steel tiller is divided into two types according to their shape, straight tiller, and quadrant tiller. The straight tiller is a straight piece of steel, one end is fixed to the rudder stock, the other end is connected to the chain cable, and the chain cable is pulled to turn the rudder. The straight tiller is divided into longitudinal tiller and transverse tiller according to the installation method.



Weight5-60 Tons

MaterialManganese steel, carbon steel, etc.

ApplicationShipbuilding industry

CustomizableYes, according to customer's drawings

Our Advantages

ship tiller steel casting heavy duty

 1. CHAENG adopts high-strength materials, professional heat treatment technology, and a water glass sand casting process. It ensures the performance of the tiller and improves the dimensional accuracy of the tiller. 

 2. CHAENG has advanced production equipment and casting technology, which can fully quench and temper the tiller so that the processed tillers have good comprehensive mechanical properties.

 3. CHAENG strictly controls the sample testing of raw materials, product testing, quality assessment, etc. It is also equipped with professional testing equipment such as GS1000 vacuum direct reading spectrometer, carbon-sulfur high-speed analyzer, digital ultrasonic flaw detector, multi-purpose magnetic particle flaw detector, etc. from German OBLF company, and conducts non-destructive testing on each manufactured product to prevent any defective products from leaving the factory.

 4. CHAENG has a professional team of technical experts who are responsible for the company's technology, process, management, and operation, and has established a set of scientific and perfect technology, production and operation management systems, which can provide customers with one-stop large steel castings solutions to effectively ensure the product quality and delivery time.

Production Process

  • Simulation & analysis

    Simulation & analysis

  • Wood pattern

    Wood pattern

  • Sand mould

    Sand mould

  • Smelting


  • Molten steel test

    Molten steel test

  • Pouring


  • Sand cleaning

    Sand cleaning

  • Heat treatment

    Heat treatment

  • Finishing


  • Machining


  • Non-destructive testing

    Non-destructive testing

  • Packaging & delivery

    Packaging & delivery

Customer cases

CHAENG has been recognized by customers for its strong casting and processing capabilities of large-scale steel castings, and its products are sold to more than 60 countries and regions. In recent years, the ship tiller handles produced by CHAENG have also been sold to many provinces in China. During the follow-up, the high-quality cast steel tiller handles have been praised by many customers!

heavy-duty steel casting tiller for ship by CHAENG

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