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Rotary Kiln Thrust Roller in cement factory rotary kiln

14 Nov 2023 UTC+8Views:

 The Thrust Roller is one of the key core components of rotary kiln, which is divided into ordinary Thrust Roller and hydraulic Thrust Roller. The Thrust Roller is mainly used to limit or control the axial movement of the kiln body, in the middle of the rotary kiln, near one or both sides of the wheel belt near the large girth gear.


CHAENG (Xinxiang Great Wall) adopts a positive fire and recovery process for treatment in the thrust roller casting production. The professional thermal treatment process improves the hardness and impact of the thrust roller. The quality is good. At the same time, the casting materials of the  thrust roller are strictly controlled, all of which are made of high -quality casting steel, and they are all refined to cast high -quality thrust roller to provide essential guarantees for the service life of the product.