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How do steel casting processing manufacturers improve the processing accuracy of steel casting

16 Nov 2023 UTC+8Views:

The processing accuracy of casting steel is directly related to product quality, service life and production efficiency. Therefore, improving the processing accuracy of casting steel has become the focus of the processing manufacturer of casting steel parts, and it is also convenient for market competition.

High -quality raw materials help ensure the mechanical properties of castings and improve their processing accuracy. Therefore, when choosing a casting raw material, strictly check the source of the raw materials.

The casting process should be designed according to the specific needs of the product, and the shape, core, pouring, and annealing should be set up reasonably to achieve fine process and standardized operation, so as to ensure the processing accuracy of large -scale casting steel parts.


With scientific casting, many casting steel processing manufacturers will carefully check each link to ensure that each process meets the expected effect.

There are many processing methods for casting steel parts, of which cutting processing is the most commonly used. Adopt high -speed, high -precision, and efficient cutting and processing methods to effectively improve the processing accuracy of castings. In addition, the flow velocity of the tool type, cutting parameters, and cutting fluid reasonably improves the processing accuracy.

When measuring the processing accuracy, choose the appropriate instrument and reference standards to understand the size of the product tolerance. When the deviation occurs, modify it in time to avoid quality problems caused by data errors, and improve processing accuracy.

Maintain the equipment. In addition, the processing manufacturers of casting steel parts have strengthened the training and counseling of operators to ensure that the operation is standardized and skilled.