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What do we need to pay attention to when pouring slag pots?

11 Sep 2023 UTC+8Views:

When large cast steel manufacturers produce slag pots, all operators must strictly operate in accordance with the prescribed system, especially in the casting process of slag casting, there must be some requirements to be met. CHAENG introduced the key points related to pouring:
If you want to cast large steel castings, the staff must, after pouring, let the molten steel inside the large ladle stand for a few minutes, waiting for the liquid solidification of the slag pots, it is necessary to deal with the pressing iron box in time, which is mainly to eliminate the shrinkage hole or crack defect of the slag pots cast steel. It is also very important to control the temperature during pouring, and it is necessary to determine the floating degree of the pouring temperature and then set it according to the structure of the slag pots casting steel and the type of alloy.
For the casting speed problem, it is necessary to quickly and smoothly discharge the gas in the cavity, and it can also improve the casting speed. In addition, in the solidification process of slag pots casting steel, it is necessary to ensure that the Angle is constant and the casting speed is uniform.
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