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Why is the price of large castings different? CHAENG large steel foundry for your analysis

08 Sep 2023 UTC+8Views:

Large steel casting plant is the production of large casting manufacturers, many customers in the choice of large steel casting processing manufacturers, will directly choose us to cast for them. In the market, because there are many manufacturers' prices are different, why are there these price differences? Next, CHAENG will introduce you:


1. Different processes. Because there are many kinds of processes for the production of large steel castings, such as sand casting, forging, pressure casting, vacuum casting, etc., the processes used by different manufacturers will be different. Here we take the pump shell as an example, the raw material cost and expense of the forged pump shell are relatively high, so for customers with relatively low cost requirements, they can choose other processes to produce.

2. Different ingredients are used. Because the strength of each manufacturer is different, there are many manufacturers of steel casting parts used in the quotation is different, which directly causes the price of large castings after forming.

3. After the production of large castings is completed, the corresponding quality inspection will be carried out on the castings to check whether they meet the requirements of customers, and the labor costs, equipment costs, and scrap rates of some manufacturers will be directly saved.

No matter what kind of castings customers purchase, they need to pay attention to the above problems, but also need to verify whether the manufacturer is a real manufacturer, so in order not to let their funds waste, you can go to the factory for field visits!