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Hot die forging beam

Hot die forging press widely used in the mechanical industry, meanwhile the beam is an important part of the hot die forging press equipment. Its quality will directly affect the operation and production efficiency of the customer's equipment. Xinxiang Great Wall Cast Steel has a wealth of experience in large steel casting, and the production of hot die forging press lower beam is favored by customers.


Weight 5-60T

MaterialCast steel material

ApplicationForging\ Metallurgy industries


Our Advantages

1.Rich experienced, capable of mass production of hot die forging upper and lower beams and other components, with short casting cycle;

2.During the casting of hot die casting beam steel casting, the Great Wall Cast Steel strictly controls the sample testing, product inspection, quality assessment and other work of raw materials, and equipped with German OBLF company GS1000 vacuum direct reading spectrometer, carbon sulfur high-speed analyzer, digital ultrasonic flaw detector, multi-purpose magnetic powder flaw detector and other professional physical and chemical testing facilities. Non-destructive testing of each casting products, do not let defective products leave the factory;
3.Adopt modification treatment and ladle bottom blowing argon technology to strictly control the quality of liquid steel, efficiently reduce the content of gases and harmful elements in liquid steel, improve its purity, so as to ensure that the quality of hot die forging press beam to meet customer requirements.

Production Process

  • Simulation & analysis

    Simulation & analysis

  • Wood pattern

    Wood pattern

  • Sand mould

    Sand mould

  • Smelting


  • Molten steel test

    Molten steel test

  • Pouring


  • Sand cleaning

    Sand cleaning

  • Heat treatment

    Heat treatment

  • Finishing


  • Machining


  • Non-destructive testing

    Non-destructive testing

  • Packaging & delivery

    Packaging & delivery

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