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Rotal kiln support roller manufacturing process

07 Nov 2023 UTC+8Views:

The support roller are one of the main components of the rotary kiln. Some support the weight of the rotary kiln, which plays a directional effect on the cylinder, so that the kiln tyre and the support roller can rotate smoothly on the trap. Therefore, the durability of the support roller is relatively high. The support roller of superpopular endurance has also become one of the standards for measuring the quality of rotary kiln products.


The support roller produced by the CHAENG (Xinxiang Great Wall ) generally use high -quality materials such as ZG55 and ZG42CRMO. On the one hand, the quality of the support roller is guaranteed, and on the other hand, it also has the advantages of large load and continuous operation. CHAENG (Xinxiang Great Wall ) was processed through the forward fire and fire process during the casting process. Finally, the surface hardness of the round -to -support roller's circle was higher than 200HB, which greatly ensured the quality of the rotary kiln carbopic device.