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How to ensure the quality of steel casting roller mill housing?

27 Sep 2023 UTC+8Views:

 CHAENG is a professional manufacturer of large steel castings. During the processing of castings, the relevant staff will control them to ensure the quality of the mill yard products. So what did we do?

steel casting roller mill housing

1. Appropriate quartz sand granularity, high-quality paint and mold fire resistance can prevent sand defects.

2. In the process of liquid casting of steel castings in the roller mill housing, it is necessary to use low temperature and fast pouring and sprouting technology to improve the internal quality of the roller mill housing.

3. When welding, you must hold the certificate and operate according to the specified process.

4.CHAENG will formulate relevant rules and regulations and implement strict reward and punishment standards to ensure that each process of oller mill housing processing is under control