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What problems should steel casting manufacturers pay attention to when casting slag pots?

25 Sep 2023 UTC+8Views:

Every time the steel casting manufacturer pours the liquid, there are more problems to pay attention to, because these not only involve the safety of the staff but also affect the quality of large castings. Casting is one of the most important processes in the whole casting process, if the casting is not successful, it will lead to the later process can not be carried out and other problems. Today, steel casting manufacturer CHAENG will introduce the precautions to you:


1. Remove all obstacles around the site first;

2. Check the use of ladle or slag pots, ladle bottom, ear, end, etc., is reliable, while paying attention to the overall whether to meet the specified drying requirements;

3. The construction process will be in contact with the liquid tools, steel casting manufacturers CHAENG remind you that its temperature resistance or preheating temperature must be above five hundred degrees, not more than prohibited use, otherwise it is easy to cause safety accidents;

4. The liquid can not exceed 80% of the slag pot or slag ladle volume, its operation should be stable, to prevent liquid overflow and splash people, while prohibiting people standing below;

5. The crane must be regularly checked, such as hook, chain, screws, etc., whether it is safe and reliable, especially when the chain is used, it is forbidden to tie the situation;

6. The liquid pouring should be carried out in accordance with the six non-pouring principles that have been stipulated, the pouring should be stable, and the liquid can not be poured from the riser into the sand box or see the liquid.

7. When the liquid into the sand, the exhaust gas will be ignited to avoid poison gas or liquid injury. The excess liquid should be poured into the iron mold or sand pit prepared in advance, and it can be cleaned up in time after it solidifies.

8. No matter which equipment or process is used before, the steel casting manufacturer must carry out the corresponding inspection to ensure that all appliances are safe and reliable, and it is also necessary to clean up in time after use, such as slag cans, which can facilitate subsequent use.