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How to choose casting girth gear manufacturer

05 May 2022 UTC+8Views:

casting girth gears

First, the raw material of girth gear

Gear rely on structural dimensions and material strength to withstand the external load itself, which requires a gear material having a high strength and toughness and wear resistance, commonly used material is forged steel, cast steel, cast iron. The girth gears of Great Wall Casting (CHAENG)  are made from cast steel, because girth gears has large diameter, and complex structure. Casting girth gears have strong tooth surface hardness, good mechanical properties, high wear resistance gear,  good toughness, ad so on.

Second, girth gear delivery

Time is money, and the waste of human resources also increases the cost of the gear itself. In the first step of accepting customer orders, CHAENG began to customize solutions for gear processing and design the best processes and schemes to save time and reduce costs. One of the advantages of CHAENG girth gears is that the processing cycle is short, so that customers can get what you want in a short gear cycle.

Third, the quality of large girth gear

Quality girth gear is to determine the price of the underlying factors of the gear. Whether or work cycle from raw materials, end customers want to see is the quality of gear cutting is the wait. CHAENG has many years of manufacturing history of the large gear, long-term accumulation in the manufacturing process of a lot of experience, summed up a set of gears anti-deformation processing technology programs, can well prevent deformation of the gear after processing to ensure that the gear transmission stability, increasing the carrying capacity of gear and extend the life of the gear.