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What internal quality inspections are performed on steel castings

27 Apr 2022 UTC+8Views:

As we all know, the inherent quality of steel castings includes mechanical properties, internal defects, microstructure, chemical composition, and special properties.

steel casting factory quality control

Ordinary steel castings generally only require conventional mechanical properties at room temperature. Important steel castings should be inspected for internal defects, and advantages are also subjected to metallographic inspection, chemical analysis, and special performance inspection. Steel castings working under special conditions should be inspected for the special properties required, such as high-temperature mechanical properties, low-temperature mechanical properties, fracture properties, etc.

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It should be pointed out that the terminal inspection of steel casting quality is only the last level to prevent unqualified steel castings from leaving the factory. The key to ensuring the quality of steel castings is to enhance the quality awareness of all employees within the enterprise, strengthen the quality supervision and management of the whole process of casting production, stabilize the production process, organize civilized production, and use advanced production technology and equipment as much as possible. Equipped with sufficient and effective inspection methods for process quality and casting quality.

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