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How CHAENG became a high-quality cast steel slag pot manufacturer

25 Apr 2022 UTC+8Views:

In steel production, the slag pot is a necessary equipment, which is a container used to hold the high-temperature slag produced in the iron and steel smelting process. When the steel slag is poured into the slag pot, the temperature is as high as 1200℃, which puts forward high requirements on the quality of the casting slag pots. As a large-scale slag pot manufacturer, Xinxiang Great Wall Casting (CHAENG) has been committed to providing customers with reasonable prices and excellent quality casting slag pots for many years.

CHAENG was founded in 2007. So far, it has more than 10 years of production experience in large casting slag pots. The slag pot casting process and technology are mature. It has provided high-quality slag pots for Indian Tata Group, Mittal group, and other steel companies.

slag pot manufacturer CHAENG

slag pot casting factory CHAENG

Advanced equipment

In order to produce better steel castings, CHAENG not only actively improves casting technology but also vigorously introduces advanced equipment at home and abroad, such as German OBLF vacuum direct reading spectrometers, carbon-sulfur high-speed analyzer, microcomputer three-element high-speed analyzer, digital ultrasonic flaw detector, multi-purpose magnetic particle flaw detector, and other physical and chemical testing facilities, lever-type Strength testing machine, hammer type prototype and other tensile testing equipment escort the processing of large casting slag pots.

Efficient production capacity

CHAENG has rich experience in the manufacture of large casting slag pots and has produced more than 50 types of slag pots. In addition, CHAENG has an annual production capacity of 50,000 tons, which can shorten the delivery cycle.

Perfect service system

Each department of CHAENG has a clear division of functions. From the signing of the slag pot contract to the delivery of the finished product, there are corresponding department heads to track and serve customers.