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Coal mill trunnion manufacturing - steel casting factory CHAENG

21 Apr 2022 UTC+8Views:

The trunnion is one of the key parts of the coal mill. Whether it can run safely or not will directly affect the production.

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Once a customer of Xinxiang Great Wall Casting (CHAENG) faced a problem that his company's coal mill was cracked in the R area of the feed trunnion, the discharge trunnion, and the trunnion journal, which has seriously affected the normal operation of the coal mill. 

CHAENG, as a professional coal mill trunnion casting manufacturer in China, has rich experience in the production and processing of large-scale steel castings and provides custom services for large-scale steel castings such as coal mill trunnions for many leading enterprises at home and abroad. In response to this user, CHAENG has deepened the drawings provided by the user and improved the casting process of the trunnion of the coal mill according to the actual application of the user's coal mill.

According to previous experience, CHAENG believes that the main reason for the user's coal mill trunnion condition is that the strength of the R zone is not satisfactory. For this reason, CHAENG designed the dimensional tolerance, shape and position tolerance, surface roughness, etc. of the user's coal mill trunnion according to the economic precision of machining and the specification for the use of building materials and equipment, and strictly controls the hollow shaft from design to manufacturing, installation, and use of each pass, to avoid the failure of the trunnion processed for the user.

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