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Types and structures of supporting roller sets of rotary kiln

02 Aug 2022 UTC+8Views:

Great Wall Casting (CHAENG) is an experienced rotary kiln spare parts manufacturer, providing large-scale customized parts such as rotary kiln supporting rollers, rolling rings, girth gears, and shells. 

rotary kiln support roller set - CHAENG

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The rotary kiln support device bears the weight of the entire kiln body (mainly the cylinder body, lining bricks, kiln heating device, materials, rolling ring, gear ring, etc.), and enables the cylinder body and rolling ring to rotate smoothly on the support. The supporting device mainly includes a set of (two) supporting rollers for each box-type iron base.

Rotary kiln supporting roller bearing set

According to the bearings used, the supporting roller device can be divided into sliding bearing supporting roller group, rolling bearing supporting roller group, and sliding-rolling bearing supporting roller group (radial sliding bearing, axial rolling bearing). Rolling bearing roller sets can be divided into two types: rotating shaft type and mandrel type according to the shaft rotation. The rolling bearing roller set has the advantages of simple structure, convenient maintenance, low resistance, reduced power consumption, and simple manufacturing.

Each supporting roller set of the sliding bearing roller set is mainly composed of three parts: a supporting roller, a supporting roller shaft, and two bearing seats. The bearing seat is provided with a spherical bush, a bearing bush, thrust rings, snap rings, pressure plates, pressure blocks, oil pan, oil spoon, oil scraper, sealing ring, and other accessories. Also equipped with cooling system, lubrication system, heat insulation facilities, etc.

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