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Precautions for Adjustment of Cement Rotary Kiln Support Roller

29 Jul 2022 UTC+8Views:

If you want the cement rotary kiln to operate safely during long-term use, the essential work is to maintain the rotary kiln equipment from time to time. The first task is to keep the rotary kiln body straight and round, and the second is to ensure that the kiln body is axially channeled. The core of completing these two tasks is to adjust the rotary kiln support roller properly.

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The following principles must be followed when adjusting the rotary kiln support roller:

When adjusting the support rollers, the center line of the kiln body must be in a straight line. The proper position for adjusting the support rollers is that the centerlines of the support rollers are in the same direction, and the angle of inclination is basically the same; be careful before adjusting the supporting rollers, and the number of times of adjusting the rollers should be minimized.

If the adjustment work of the support roller must be carried out, the following points must be paid attention to when readjusting:

1.When adjusting the kiln support rollers, you cannot only adjust one of them, but must be adjusted in pairs, and the support rollers must not be adjusted to the shape of "八".

2. The logarithm of the adjusted roller can be reduced as much as possible, and the adjustment angle can also be as small as possible.

3. When adjusting the supporting roller of the rotary kiln, the top wire is only allowed to rotate at 90℃-180℃ each time.

4. When adjusting the support roller, the center line of the support roller group and the cylinder must not be adjusted in different directions.
5. If it is because the kiln is not rotated in time when the kiln is stopped, the cylinder body is temporarily bent. Generally speaking, no adjustment work is performed. When the rotary kiln is re-rotated for 1-2 shifts, the cylinder body will generally be automatically straightened. 
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