CHAENG slag pots successfully exported to South Africa

23 Oct 2017 UTC+8 Views:

Product name: Slag pot
Quantity: 3
Purchaser: Mittal Steel Group South Africa Branch
Applications: Metallurgical industry
Order time: 2016

slag pot

Recently, three pieces of slag pots made by CHAENG (Great Wall Steel Casting) for South Africa branch of Mittal Steel Group passed the acceptance and sent to South Africa successfully.

In 2016, Mittal Steel Group South Africa Branch signed a contract with CHAENG to order two slag pots. In June 2017, the representatives of this company came to CHAENG for slag pot acceptance, they were satisfied with the quality of CHAENG slag pot, and then they signed a contract with CHAENG again for one more piece of slag pot. Recently, these three slag pots were completed and delivered to South Africa after passing acceptance. 

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