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Why engineering drawings are required when manufacturing large steel castings?

24 Jun 2022 UTC+8Views:

When customizing large-scale steel castings, steel casting manufacturers need customers to provide detailed design drawings, so that manufacturers can process steel castings according to the technical standards and technical parameters required by customers. For example, when Great Wall Casting (CHAENG) manufactures steel casting slag pots, the customer will provide us with engineering drawings, which are generally divided into casting drawings and mold assembly drawings. Next, CHAENG will introduce the use of these two drawings:

slag pots steel castings

Casting drawings and mold assembly drawings are made according to the slag pot casting process drawings. The casting drawings of the slag pots will directly explain the appearance of the product and the more critical specifications, and the designer will also directly carry out the remaining amount of mechanical equipment processing, technical standards (specification error, performance characteristics, strength, welding requirements, flaw detection requirements, etc.) Therefore, the casting diagram of the slag pot is actually the basis for the design of the processing technology, and it is also the main basis for technical inspection, casting removal, and finished product inspection.

The assembly drawing is a direct description of the structure of the castings that cooperate with each other. The main purpose of the assembly drawing is to provide the basis for production site management, form-fitting, and inspection.

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