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Casting swing jaw stock for stone crusher - CHAENG

24 Nov 2021 UTC+8Views:

The swing jaw is one of the important parts of the jaw crusher. A reasonable swing jaw structure is a sufficient condition to ensure the superior performance of the crusher, and its strength and rigidity directly affect the performance of the crusher.

casting swing jaw for stone crusher

Advantages of the casting swing jaw made by Xinxiang Great Wall Casting (CHAENG):

1. CHAENG's casting swing jaw adopts high-strength high-quality steel and heat treatment technology, which optimizes the structure of the swing jaw stock, improves the hardness, and greatly enhances the product performance, ensuring the stable performance of the swing jaw under long-term operation.

2. CHAENG has professional flaw detection equipment, which can effectively control the internal quality of swing jaws and other castings. It is supplemented by professional sandblasting equipment to improve the surface quality, thereby ensuring the internal and external quality of the swing jaws.

3. CHAENG has many years of casting experience and strong machining capabilities and can provide customers with a series of services and complete solutions from roughcasting to finished products.

4. CHAENG use Huazhu CAE software to assist in the design and optimization of the process to achieve the purpose of preventing shrinkage porosity, shrinkage cavity, cracks, and other casting defects, and meet the requirements of flaw detection.