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CHAENG's peak delivery period hits

14 Sep 2021 UTC+8Views:

As a large-scale steel casting processing base in Henan, Great Wall Casting (CHAENG) will have a dedicated person to contact the customer every time it obtains an order, so as to facilitate the exchange of problems in the later processing process. At the same time, it will also customize its exclusive raw material procurement channels according to customers' needs, and customize a set of exclusive production plans for customers to protect the quality of castings in all aspects.

With the processing of batches of orders completed, shipments are continuing.


Slag Pots


Slag Pots


Girth Gear

The large steel castings processed by CHAENG each year are sent to all parts of the country or exported overseas, such as cast steel slag pots and girth gears. We have a technical team with more than ten years of casting experience. They have a high level of professional technology. In every link of product processing, details and effects will be emphasized. More than 500 sets of high-precision equipment, such as electric arc furnaces, GS-1000 direct-reading spectrometer, carbon-sulfur analyzer, three-element analyzer, etc. from Germany's OBLF company Internal and external quality during processing.