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The function of the ball mill liner

31 Aug 2021 UTC+8Views:

Regarding the function of the ball mill liner, many people think that the liner may simply protect the cylinder, and it is a protective layer for the ball mill equipment. Is it just that simple? Is there any other purpose for the liner? The knowledge of the ball mill liner is actually no less than the ball mill equipment itself. If the liner can be used reasonably, it will definitely bring good production effects and benefits for the ball mill. So, what are the functions of the ball mill liner? 

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The function of the ball mill liner:

1. Protect the ball mill shell and enhance the rigidity of the cylinder. The ball mill shell is an important part of the ball mill After the liner is installed in the barrel, the shell will not directly bear the impact and grinding of the grinding medium and the material to be ground. The mill liner is tightly integrated with the barrel, and it also plays a role in enhancing the rigidity of the barrel.

2. Automatically grade the balls. Automatic grading liner, such as angular spiral liner, cone grading liner, etc., can make the grinding bodies of different gradations in the cylinder, along the axis of the mill, according to the change of grinding particle size, reasonably positively classify, so as to make various grinding bodies of different diameters exert their greatest function in the process of crushing materials of corresponding particle sizes. In other words, the automatic grading liner can gather the larger steel balls in the same grinding bin at the feed end of the bin to crush larger pieces of material, and at the same time make the smaller steel balls gather at the discharge end of the bin to crush the smaller pieces.

3. Transfer energy. During the rotation of the cylinder, with the help of the special shape and friction of the surface of the liner, the balls are raised to a certain height, giving it certain potential energy and throwing kinetic energy, so that they can produce a "circular arc-Parabolic that meets the requirements of the grinding process" to impact and grind the materials. Different shapes of the working surface of the liner will have different lifting friction coefficients, which will have different holding capacities for the sphere. The state and arrangement of the working surface of the lining board will directly affect the grinding efficiency of the ore mill.