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On-site management is productivity - slag pot manufacturer CHAENG

14 Apr 2021 UTC+8Views:

CHAENG always manages the production quality with high standards and strict requirements, persists on the principle of “On-site management is productivity ”, and strictly follows the ISO9001 standard.

CHAENG takes use of many inspection devices to assist in slag pot production. For example: 

slag pot inspection

1. Raw material testing device: Special instruments for radiation monitoring, electric vibrating sieve machine (mainly detecting the particle size of raw sand), double-disc infrared dryer (detecting the moisture of molding sand and auxiliary materials), molding sand tensile tester, and lever type universal strength testing machine.

2. Casting detection: German quality direct reading spectrometer: it can detect the elements in the casting, the scope of use: normal carbon steel, alloy steel, pig iron, high manganese steel, chromium-nickel stainless steel, nickel plate, etc., especially in the detection of chemical composition in molten steel Content control, where P and S can be controlled within the range of ≤ 0.015. There are also carbon and sulfur analyzers, three-element analyzers, and so on.

3. Flaw detection equipment: Ultrasonic flaw detection is mainly composed of piezoelectric wafers, which can transmit and receive ultrasonic waves, and most of the low-power ultrasonic probes are used for detection.

The above is only part of the testing equipment, in the actual application process, other testing equipment will be used.